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First Aid for the Motorcyclist

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The Rider Down program was created in response to the alarming increase of fatalities amongst motorcyclists in Australia. We are putting the knowledge gained by professionals and the military into the hands of those who can save lives in the first 3 to 5 minutes. The skills taught in the Rider Down program are NOT taught in any other first aid course or motorcycle specific program in Australia.

Designed and Delivered by Paramedics

With decades of providing emergency care in the prehospital setting, we also pride ourselves on being Diploma certified Trainer and Assessors. This means that you can be assured we have met the strict national regulators requirements for quality and currency.
Not only are we nationally certified, but we hold international qualifications as Emergency Medical Service Educators and Rider Down is proud to be an approved Medic First Aid Training Centre.

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We have designed and contextualised nationally recognised training in First Aid and Emergency Response – Delivered by our preferred RTO #52334

See what our students are saying

“this course rates with the best of the 1st aid courses I have ever attended. If you live, you should know First Aid. If you ride, you should do this course.”

C. Brooks / Facebook

“Same here Cory, I’ve lost count of the first aid courses I’ve completed over the years, but this one is hands down the best first responder, no bull shit style course I’ve attended”

N. Cooper / Facebook

“Very impressed and very practical for our type of riding. 4 hours of your time could save a ride buddy’s life! This is more rider focused than any First Aid”

Ewen Macgregor / Facebook

“Just completed the full Rider Down course. Best first aid course that I’ve sat. I’ve sat a half decent range of courses, military, offshore, survival and work types. This one beat them all. Plus add the fact that it’s aimed towards riders”

L. Coates / Facebook

“I can’t recommend this highly enough. It takes an average 10 minutes for an ambo to arrive at a crash scene and only 3-4 minutes to bleed out from a major artery. This courses are designed specifically for treating motorcycle injuries”

On Yer Bike Rider Education

“If you ride in a group, a partner or solo, I can’t recommend this highly enough. Very specific to motorcycle riders and the injuries they can receive.I left the course today wanting to rebook to learn more”

N. Hill / Facebook

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